eCommerce Storefront Integration for Acumatica

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Enhance Customer Experience by Integrating Your eCommerce Storefront with Acumatica

In the eCommerce channel, brands can ‘t compete only on product or price. Customer experience is the new competitive battleground, and order processing efficiency and accuracy can make or break that experience.

You can ‘t afford the time, cost and “human error” that come from moving data by hand between your eCommerce storefront and your Acumatica business system. With TrueCommerce you can automate that process-to slash order lead time and automatically sync pricing and inventory availability.

Your revenue, profits and return business are sure to grow as customers experience speedy shipping, up-to-the-minute order status and accurate product availability information. Good thing your integrated eCommerce environment can scale easily to handle increased order volume.

Connect with the Best

Automatically exchange order, customer and shipment data between Acumatica and these top eCommerce platforms:

Enhance Customers’ Experience

  • Send order and customer information directly to Acumatica from your storefront, so you can start processing orders immediately
  • Automatically send shipment and tracking details from Acumatica back to the storefront to keep buyers up-to-date
  • Easily keep your storefront current with real-time pricing and inventory quantities

Eliminate Frustrations

  • Well-informed buyers won ‘t need to contact you for updates
  • Reduce the chance of overselling and disappointing shoppers
  • Fewer errors mean fewer returns

Do Business in New Directions

Leverage TrueCommerce integrations to reach more buyers:

  • Connect Acumatica to over 100 of the world ‘s top marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Houzz, Rakuten and many more
  • Connect to major retailers, distributors and other trading partners with integrated TrueCommerce EDI for Acumatica