Connect Your Web Storefront to Microsoft Dynamics GP


Improve Customers’ Experience with Storefront Integration for Dynamics GP

As online selling becomes an increasingly important sales channel worldwide, brands are launching online storefronts to offer their customers a convenient buying experience. But success in this intensely competitive environment goes beyond products and pricing. Customer experience is frequently what wins the “buy box” and builds brand loyalty.

To deliver a positive online customer experience, you need to ship items on time and keep inventory and pricing data up-to-date on your storefront. Managing these processes without automation is time-consuming and error-prone-threatening to break your customer promise.

To keep online shoppers happy, TrueCommerce connects Microsoft Dynamics GP with the top eCommerce storefronts, including BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento (Adobe Commerce) and Shopify. By automatically transferring order, inventory and customer data between your web storefront and Dynamics GP, you can cut order lead times, minimize the potential for errors and save all that manual effort.

That means increased sales, more return customers and improved profitability from your web storefront(s).

Integrate with Leading Storefront Platforms

Move order, customer and fulfillment data automatically between Dynamics GP and leading eCommerce storefronts such as:

Elevate the Customer Experience

  • Receive order and customer data into Dynamics GP from your online store as orders are placed, to reduce order lead time
  • Keep buyers informed about fulfillment and tracking status by automatically sending updates via your storefront
  • Sync inventory and pricing data between Dynamics GP and your storefront anytime

Drive Repeat Business

  • Automated status updates mean buyers have the information they need and don ‘t need to contact you
  • Automation equals improved order accuracy which equals fewer shipping errors and delays which equals happier buyers
  • Correct inventory data on your storefront means buyers aren ‘t unpleasantly surprised by ordering out-of-stock items

Do Business in New Directions

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