Integrate eCommerce Storefronts with NetSuite


Enhance Customer Experience and Profitability with eCommerce/ERP Integration

Product or price aren ‘t the only competitive differentiators in the eCommerce channel. Brands thrive based upon customer experience, which is highly dependent on how quickly and accurately brands can process online orders.

You need to reduce or eliminate any extra time, expense and errors that result from rekeying data manually between your web store and NetSuite. TrueCommerce enables you to process storefront orders automatically and sync product pricing and availability data quickly and easily-to radically reduce order lead time and improve the customer experience.

Faster shipping, up-to-date order status and accurate inventory data means fewer lost sales and more repeat business, leading to stronger revenue and profits. More efficient order processing also means you can more easily handle a growing order volume or seasonal peaks without adding staff.

Connect with Leading Storefronts

Exchange order, shipment and customer data automatically between NetSuite and these premier web storefront platforms:

Elevate the Customer Experience

  • Transmit order and customer data directly from your web store to NetSuite to begin processing orders sooner
  • Automatically send shipment and tracking details back to your web store from NetSuite to keep customers informed
  • Update pricing and inventory quantities on your web store more often and more easily

Do Business in More Directions

TrueCommerce integrations help connect your brand to new customers: