Industrial Wholesale and Distribution

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Expand Your Operational Capacity with the Power of Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Today’s industrial wholesalers and distributors face the challenge of managing some of the most complex supply chains in the world. As a wholesaler, you might be selling everything from simple parts to complex systems and high-tech products—and you’re likely selling them to a huge variety of business customers, from retailers to manufacturers, to commercial constructors, to residential utility companies, and more.

B2B buyers expect the highest level of service. Juggling communications between your internal systems, your suppliers, and your buyers by hand puts your industrial distribution business at risk for mistakes and delays that drive up costs and lower your vendor scores. To meet your customers’ expectations, you need connected technology that automates key processes and gives you complete visibility into your supply chain.

TrueCommerce’s innovative Foundry Platform is built with your distribution needs in mind. For wholesalers, our unified commerce approach brings supplier management, inventory management, and order processing together into a single user interface. By integrating your external channels with your internal systems, Foundry bypasses manual data entry to speed up transactions and ensure data accuracy. At the same time, configurable workflows empower you to create supply chain processes that fit your unique business. With TrueCommerce at your side, you can simplify your supply chain and truly do business in every direction.

Optimize Your Supply Chain 

The industrial wholesale and distribution supply chain is a complex, global ecosystem, which can be difficult to navigate without the right tools. With integrated solutions, you get real-time insights into your supply chain, and the connectivity you need to scale your business.

  • Automated EDI lets you quickly respond to incoming orders and get end-to-end visibility into product movements 
  • Fully managed service model ensures your business meets retailer EDI ;compliance standards for stronger trade relationships 
  • A global network of 120,000+ suppliers, distributors, retailers, brokers, 3PLs, and carriers makes it easy to expand your footprint
  • Powerful analytics dashboards help you evaluate performance across your supply chain to find new areas of improvement 

Save Time and Money 

Integration and automation give your business the necessary tools to grow without adding staff, while lowering your operational costs.

  • Bi-directional data workflows create a single source of truth across your supply chain, and eliminate time-consuming data entry
  • Powerful features like shipping rate shopping, pack optimization and truck building help reduce packaging and transportation costs
  • Fewer order and shipment errors reduce returns and invoice discrepancies, and increase customer satisfaction
  • Cloud-based solutions easily scale to handle order spikes, without frustrating order processing bottlenecks

Improve Inventory Management 

Stockouts frustrate retailers and consumers alike and can negatively impact your trade relationships and overall sales. Vendor managed inventory solves these problems by using your retail partners’ data to optimize the process of replenishment.

  • VMI solution receives product activity data from distribution centers and uses pre-set rules and advanced forecasting to recommend replenishment orders
  • Better replenishment leads to higher on-shelf availability, improved inventory turns, and increased sales
  • Configurable options like item stratification let you optimize inventory at the SKU- and store-level
  • Demand data can help you plan production and appropriately allocate products when stock is limited

Simplify Supplier Communications 

Working with hundreds of industrial manufacturers that all have different communication methods can be a managerial nightmare. TrueCommerce’s supplier enablement platform reduces your internal workload, without adding to your suppliers’ burden.

  • Minimize disruption to your suppliers by letting them choose their preferred communication method
  • Translate incoming emails and PDFs into EDI, and deliver pertinent data directly to your ERP
  • Exchange EDI documents with capable suppliers, and offer a web-EDI portal to vendors who want to get started, but aren’t ready for full EDI
  • Enjoy a fully managed service that onboards new suppliers and handles supplier communication issues for you

Offer More with eCommerce

For non-EDI buyers, a B2B eCommerce storefront offers an easy way to place new orders with your business. By integrating your eCommerce store with your ERP, you can quickly process and fulfill these orders for happier customers.

  • A familiar, B2C-like storefront lets customers quickly find and order the products they& want
  • Unlimited customer segmentation and pricing, product, and category control allows you to create a personalized shopping experience for buyers
  • B2B features like purchasing groups, multiple ship-to, volume-based pricing and shipping options offer customers convenience and control
  • Online quoting makes it easy to receive and respond to large orders that require a custom quote