Limitless Customer Segmentation & Control

With our B2B ordering platform, your customers must first login to a password protected portal to access your catalog. Once logged in, the platform recognizes customers and their corresponding customer type. You are able to control the following, all by customer type: product and category visibility, product pricing, shipping costs, payment methods, and product allocations. This puts you in control while creating a customized experience for your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“With Nexternal, I can load new content and manipulate the data myself and make things look just the way I want them—instead of somebody else having to do it and me having to manage that. The amount of control that I personally have over my webstore is probably the thing I like best about Nexternal.”

Philip Leichliter
J Philip Group


Flexible & Familiar B2B Ordering

For your customers, using our B2B order portal is as easy as shopping a business to consumer site, but with a few enhancements. For example your B2B catalog can support volume based pricing by product, category or order . Also, you can setup a grid ordering screen for express ordering of items with attributes. When customers checkout, they may optionally put in a purchase order number. Another benefit is that customers can specify multiple email recipients for confirmation emails so that the relevant people on your team are in the loop. Lastly, customers can store and access a large address book. So, while it looks and feels like a business to consumer site, there are some noticeable added benefits.


The Only Single Vendor Solution for EDI & Online B2B Orders

TrueCommerce is the only vendor you will find that allows you to use the same platform to capture all of your B2B orders. If you are selling to a big box retailer such as Walmart or Target, you can transact using EDI (electronic data interchange). If you are selling to smaller retailers or distributors that do not use EDI, you can take advantage of our online order portal. All of those orders can flow through a single transaction manager and then ultimately land in your business system of choice.


Capture Orders in the Field with TrueCommerce Engage

TrueCommerce Engage is a great tool that enables your outside sales reps to place in-person orders while visiting accounts on their route. It accesses the same single database in real-time as our core eCommerce platform making sure each customer receives their specific price. This b2b mobile ordering application goes beyond just taking orders; it allows you to view and update customer information, view customer purchase history, and record non-order activity all from an iPad. It is also a great tool to take to tradeshows.


Online Quotes? Product Allocations? We've Got You Covered

Our platform goes far beyond just capturing simple B2B orders. For example, you can take the quoting process online. Customers can place or activate quotes in the same portal. If you have a scenario in which you need to allocate products to make sure all of your b2b customers have a chance to order hot items, this can be configured in your Nexternal Order Management System. Beyond quotes and allocations, you can setup automatic recurring orders for customers and make it extremely easy to place a reorder.

Nexternal Dashboard

Data-When You Need it, Where You Need it

The reporting found in our Order Management System is nothing short of amazing. You can execute thousands of combinations of queries and limit a report based on the results of those queries. Find the data to support your big business decisions, discover trends, and stay on top of everything with just a few clicks. We also provide a mobile eCommerce dashboard for iOS users called Dashboard Plus.

Business System Integrations

Seamlessly Connect to More Than a Dozen Business Systems

With TrueCommerce eCommerce platform integrations you are able to synchronize order data between your  eCommerce platform and your business system. Be it QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, or NetSuite, we have you covered. Our API or XML Toolset also allows you to build connections to synchronize data between your TrueCommerce eCommerce Platform and other legacy applications.

And so much more...

Our development team is continuously creating new features for our eCommerce platform and is committed to providing the best B2B eCommerce platform on the market


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