EDI Transactions Streamline Billing


EDI transactions are the new wave in consumer business, allowing for quick and easy processing of orders, shipments, and other transactions that make up the foundation of commerce. With TrueCommerce software, you can now easily integrate electronic data interchange transactions into your supply chain management, increasing customer satisfaction and improving overall efficiency in your accounts, warehousing, and shipping processes.

EDI transactions can not only improve efficiency, but are also becoming a standard of business operation that clients look for in terms of faster and more accurate communication, as well as vastly improved order and job processing. But what is electronic data interchange, and how can it help grow your business and improve shipping?

EDI Transactions Mean Versatility

An electronic data interchange solution provides a variety of components that are usable by both your internal employees and clients. Automating receiving and billing, for example, means that automatically generated invoices can be sent for collection with a simple scan from shipment. Typically, another computer will receive these invoices and can even automatically settle the invoice back to your accounts in a matter of minutes. In this way, EDI streamlines the entire financial process by eliminating multiple entry data points and extraneous paperwork with the introduction of electronic statements and transactions.

Outside your company, clients – especially large retailers such as Walmart – expect EDI-style interfaces with the ability to enter orders, track orders, and manage transactions and transaction information automatically and quickly. Because many companies now use an electronic data interchange with their clients, this expectation has increasingly become an important component of customer and client satisfaction, and a critical part of developing your own company image.

Flexible and Affordable Installation

TrueCommerce offers flexible and affordable software installation options that lets you choose the aspects you need for business growth without saddling you with software you won’t need or use. Consultation with our professional installers will allow us to provide you with a software suite that accomplishes the tasks you need or most want to improve. From truck tracking and fleet management to warehouse management and streamlined financial operations, TrueCommerce is an industry software leader for third party logistics and supply chain management.

Best of all, this flexible growth plan lets you keep your bottom line in mind without needing to commit to software you won’t use at the current stage of your business, while still letting you grow over time. Many software components even integrate with your already-existing financial software, saving you even more money and decreasing employee frustration by not making them learn all new systems. Start with critical functions and upgrade as you grow. To keep your company growing, you need EDI billing transactions facilitated by TrueCommerce.