EDI Can Save Your Company Time and Money and Make You a Better Business Partner

Using EDI not only saves your business time and money, but it also makes it easier and more cost-effective for your partners to do business with you. This gives you an edge over non-EDI competitors. When you’re easier to do business with, you can do business in every direction.

The short video below shows you how EDI works and why so many organizations use it.

The Need for EDI

For supply chain businesses of any size, implementing EDI is essential for sustained competitiveness and growth.

  • EDI reduces costs and improves operational performance across your business.
  • EDI accelerates data flow, enhances accuracy and streamlines administration
  • EDI makes it easier to manage inventory and reduce associated costs

Learn more about the history of EDI and how it works to help your business grow.


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Benefits of EDI

EDI Benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates manual data entry errors
  • Streamlines transaction processing
  • Increases productivity without increasing staff
  • Easier and more cost-effective to do business with your EDI partners
EDI Buyers Guide

TrueCommerce EDI Buyer’s Guide

In this guide, we’ll cover what you need to know about EDI, how different EDI offerings work, and what to look for in a provider. There are also links to additional educational resources, and a printable checklist you can use when evaluating different EDI vendors!
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We Make It Easy

Making EDI Easy

You don’t have to be an EDI expert or tech wizard to get rapid time to value with EDI. TrueCommerce takes the pain out of EDI implementation by delivering easy-to-use, robust and affordable EDI solutions, along with the industry’s most responsive and knowledgeable support and maintenance teams.

4 Key Components of EDI

EDI Components

A complete EDI system consists of four components, which TrueCommerce provides as a single-vendor solution:

  • A web-based EDI translator that formats your EDI transactions
  • EDI mapping tables to sync your business system conventions with your customers'
  • A secure, dedicated transaction network that sends and receives the transactions
  • EDI support and maintenance services to keep transactions flowing

EDI documents make use of EDI transaction codes. To learn some more EDI jargon, check out our glossary of EDI terms.


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