Accelerate Your Order Processing with Integrated EDI

An EDI system that is integrated with your ERP or accounting software allows you to automatically create and transmit invoices, purchase orders (POs), advance shipment notifications (ASNs) and other key business documents—so you can track and process orders faster, more efficiently and more accurately. 

More Speed

With integrated EDI, order data flows directly in and out of your accounting or ERP system with little or no human intervention. This accelerates order processing, the pick/pack/ship process, invoicing and other essential supply chain functions. 

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Greater Accuracy

When you don’t have to manually retype data, you basically eliminate data entry errors. This saves considerable time and money and improves your customers’ experience.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

A web-based, integrated EDI solution not only saves you money and increases efficiency and automation, but costs less to own and operate than a traditional, standalone EDI system. Save on postage, paper, physical document storage and especially the time it takes humans to rekey data and handle paper documents. 

4 Key Components of EDI

Less Network Complexity

The TrueCommerce Trading Partner Platform offers a single-vendor EDI solution with everything you need to implement EDI, including support for all popular protocols. You don’t need extensive network capability in-house. 


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