Masterfit Enterprises Finds Open Slopes with Integrated EDI


July 14, 2021

If you’ve ever dealt with ankle or foot pain while shredding powder on a snowcapped mountain, you know how important it is to have boots that fit right. Any little bit of discomfort can compound into a bigger problem when you’re wearing rigid snowboard or ski boots. That’s where Masterfit Enterprises comes in.

Masterfit Enterprises eliminates foot discomfort for outdoor athletes and enthusiasts alike. The company’s drop-in insoles, custom insoles, and boot performance accessories can be found in REI, at Vail Resorts, on Amazon, and in hundreds of other resort shops and sporting goods stores. But all those partnerships didn’t happen overnight.

In 2018, Masterfit Enterprises had the opportunity to stock its products at REI, but the outdoor retailer required the Masterfit to use electronic data interchange (EDI) to become a partner. After looking at several products on the market, the team at Masterfit found TrueCommerce was the best EDI solution. It not only enabled them to sell to REI, but also helped them work smarter and take unique opportunities to expand.

Masterfit Enterprises Had High Expectations for Connectivity

When you can fit the whole team into a Chevy Suburban, everyone’s time is invaluable. That means there’s no time to waste when learning new software or adopting new systems. Masterfit Enterprises needed an EDI program that could support QuickBooks Enterprise integration without any extra work.

According to Brand and Technology Manager Brian Frias, “Other providers told us their integration was simple—just hit an export button to get an XML or CSV file, and then re-import it into QuickBooks. But when you have a team of 8 people, the last thing you need is more work to do. We needed a direct connection.”

If integration requires manual data transfer, it isn’t integration. Instead, the team found real integration with TrueCommerce EDI. Once connected, Masterfit orders simply flowed between QuickBooks and TrueCommerce without any manual input.

Masterfit also used the TrueCommerce B2B and B2C eCommerce platform to process orders for customers who don’t use EDI.

Integrated EDI Clears the Path

Right away, Masterfit Enterprises began to reap the benefits of an EDI system. One thing the team was excited about was that the system pulled orders from the website into QuickBooks in 30 minutes or less. That means they could send out orders the next day, while it took the team five or six days to send out an order previously. That’s a reduction of about 80%.

EDI integration dramatically reduced time spent keying in orders and improved accuracy at the same time. Mr. Frias said, “We wanted to know how much time we were saving in customer service. In the first year, we saved 10-12 hours per week, which gave our employees time back to work on real customer issues. It adds up—that’s more than 500 hours per year saved.”

Looked at another way, Masterfit Industries was saving 10-15% on labor each month without cutting any hours or jobs. That’s a pretty nice benefit.

Masterfit Industries Grabs a Unique Opportunity

When COVID-19 shut down businesses around the world, Masterfit decided to expand its product line with personal protective equipment (PPE). As a test, it ordered 100,000 masks from its factories. They sold out in a week. The team knew there was an opportunity there, and they ran with it. Masterfit was able to quickly set up new dealers for PPE products and keep up with orders through TrueCommerce.

According to Mr. Frias, “Through those first months, masks made up a good part of our revenue. We couldn’t have done it without TrueCommerce. We had orders flying in and immediately going into QuickBooks, so the shipping team could just fill, fill, fill, fill. We weren’t bogged down by the paperwork and the process at all.”

Masterfit is More Supported for a Smooth Ride

Sales, onboarding, and implementation only make up a small part of the relationship between Masterfit and TrueCommerce. The real support relationship happens on an ongoing basis. “The support is incredible. The way TrueCommerce handles a customer moving through different teams, products, and processes is amazing. It feels like a family. It’s very inclusive, everyone is out to make sure that your experience is good and successful,” Mr. Frias said.

Whether it’s creating a mapping for a new partner or integrating new ways to improve shipping efficiency, the team at Masterfit can count on TrueCommerce for support. Click below to get the full story and see what Masterfit is planning next.

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About the Author: Adrian is the Sr. Sales Engineer for TrueCommerce focusing on QuickBooks, SAP BusinessOne, Acumatica, Xero, and all custom and file Integrations. He has been with TrueCommerce for 6 years, helping potential customers learn more about our integrated solutions. In his spare time, Adrian enjoys cars, motorcycles, music, and cooking.

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