EDI Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management


Powerful, High-Performance EDI Integration Embedded in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management


A preferred solution on Microsoft AppSource, TrueCommerce integrated EDI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a strategic investment that can automate the processing of accounts receivable and optionally, accounts payable and remote warehouse transactions-eliminating time-consuming, error-prone manual effort and improving supply chain efficiency.

Delivered as a single-vendor managed service solution and featuring a pre-connected community of 92,000 global trading partners, TrueCommerce EDI lets you connect with supply chain partners and comply with their specific requirements without the need to customize Dynamics 365 SCM or manage partners’ mapping and connectivity requirements.

Built exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM, the TrueCommerce embedded user experience and familiar look and feel puts EDI in the hands of the business users who manage supply chain relationships, reducing demands on IT and accelerating time to productivity.

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Our fully embedded solution leverages extensions to integrate content into and out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is designed for long-term compliance with Microsoft.

A “Cloud First” Design

  • No server-based software required
  • 10+ years of delivering “cloud-first” solutions
  • Unlike other solutions that retrofit legacy on-premise software to work with the cloud, our true cloud platform does not require server maintenance

Embedded User Interface

  • Provides organizations with full visibility to EDI directly within Dynamics 365
  • Leverages extensions versus object overlaying to move in step with Microsoft ‘s rapid release cycle for Dynamics 365
  • Enables business users to quickly adopt EDI within Dynamics 365 rather than having to learn a separate EDI solution or bounce between multiple applications to find business-critical answers

Inherits Dynamics 365 Customizations

  • Our solution allows partners/customers to leverage data entity extensions to inherit Dynamics 365 customizations
  • Compared to other solutions, TrueCommerce leverages the Dynamics 365 infrastructure to source key data, rather than requiring code duplication (managing the same data in two disparate systems)

Deploy With Lifecycle Services

  • Unlike other integrations that may take days or weeks to deploy, we deploy our EDI package and are ready to test within minutes
  • Our efficient approach to implementation and solution architecture removes steps like procuring hardware, ensuring Windows/SQL server compatibility, configuring user permissions, and building connectivity to Azure and Dynamics 365

Deliver As A Fully Managed Service

  • Rapid cloud deployment of trading partner maps
  • Mapping updates and EDI version changes maintained at no additional cost
  • All EDI maps are included in a single, upfront trading partner fee
  • Our solution is truly unique in that we offer a best of breed embedded integration powered by a fully managed service from a single source provider

High-Performance Architecture

  • Uses Dynamics 365 ‘s X++ language and data object extensions rather than object overlays
  • Supports multi-threaded processing for higher-volume throughput-so it scales seamlessly as you add new trading partners, sales channels and distribution models
  • Does not customize Dynamics 365 SCM core objects
  • Deployable in minutes via Lifecycle Services, with no additional hardware required
  • Fully supported by Microsoft to ensure trouble-free upgrades
  • Designed to accommodate modifications to your Dynamics 365 SCM environment (e.g., adding new fields, custom business logic or additional workflows) without reprogramming
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Accounts Receivable Automation

  • Highly flexible to accommodate and scale with your unique Dynamics 365 SCM environment 
  • Turnkey support within Dynamics 365 SCM for complex EDI workflows like order-to-cash, transportation, and logistics processes 
  • Integrated shipment packing and ASN generation 
  • Flexible deployment models including on-premises and fully hosted
  • Pre-built integration with Dynamics 365 SCM advanced warehouse functionality lets you automatically generate multi-level ASNs
  • A scalable and affordable solution for businesses exchanging hundreds or thousands of transactions per month

Accounts Payable Automation

  • Place orders faster without sacrificing accuracy 
  • Eliminate the need to print or rekey transactions 
  • Integrates your TrueCommerce EDI solution for purchase order, shipment and invoicing transactions within Dynamics 365 SCM 
  • Automatically import inbound ASNs into Dynamics 365 SCM to receive against the original PO, saving time and reducing manual effort
  • Validates POs against supplier requirements or PO maps to ensure accuracy

Remote Warehouse Automation

  • Automatically exchange fulfillment transactions with your 3PL-no more disconnected, manual methods 
  • Ship with excellence through your 3PL partnerships by delivering accurate and actionable shipping and transfer orders
  • Eliminate the need to print, email, fax or rekey pick tickets, transfer orders, inventory journals and other documents 
  • Sync inventory with 3PLs by automatically exchanging transfer orders and inbound receipts from vendors
  • Flexible business rules accommodate unique fulfillment requirements by customer and channel
  • Optional automatic pack slip posting after packing shipments

Configurable Business Rules Enhance Processing Speed and Accuracy

  • Exception-based error checking and automated data transformation streamline order processing and help prevent chargebacks
  • Define “conditional” rules or specify when to send notifications in response to issues like price variances, stock-outs, etc.
  • Define different business rules for different distribution models and order profiles
  • Maximize efficiency with system- company- or customer-level rules by order type, item, document, ship-to location and more
  • Streamline trading partner compliance with default business rules, inventory and unit of measure conversions, data manipulations and more at system or company levels; or define customer-specific values
  • An optional graphical mapping tool further enhances your ability to manage unique trading partner and business requirements

Sustain Growth and Control Costs

  • No charge for support incidents or trading partner mapping updates
  • The TrueCommerce Trading Network is built for high-volume transaction exchanges, storage and throughput-offering limitless expansion of your trading partner network over a single, highly reliable and affordable connection
  • The scalable, multi-company and multi-deployment TrueCommerce architecture lets you manage and support complex enterprise EDI requirements
  • Accommodates customer-deployed web services and other workflow procedures
  • Supports XML and global EDI data standards through a single connection

Why Stop at EDI?

With TrueCommerce you can integrate Dynamics 365 SCM not only with EDI, but also with your online storefronts and marketplaces-to automate the exchange of order, shipping and inventory data with these channels as well.