Electronics and High-Tech Manufacturing

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Upgrade Your Supply Chain Operations with Integrated Solutions for Electronics and High Tech

As an electronics or high-tech manufacturer, your business is under more pressure than ever. With consumers demanding new technologies faster than ever, you face the unique challenges of sophisticated, often complex products with short shelf lives and difficult-to-predict demand changes. On top of those challenges, your business is part of a vast global supply chain with dozens or hundreds of suppliers creating essential components that come together in your products. 

To stay competitive in the fast-paced world of consumer electronics and tech, your business needs to be able to process, deliver, and adapt rapidly. Manual processes like data entry just can’t keep up, and cause delays and mistakes that hurt your trade relationships and your bottom line. Integrated technology solves these issues by connecting your electronics manufacturing supply chain from end-to-end. From EDI to eCommerce, to shipping, to supplier enablement, integrated supply chain solutions give you the speed you need to keep up, and the data you need to get ahead. 

Collaborate with Global Suppliers

Electronics manufacturers work with more suppliers than nearly any other industry. To keep your supply chain running smoothly, supplier enablement and management are key. 

  • Email and PDF integrations transform incoming communications from suppliers and deliver the data directly to your ERP 
  • A convenient EDI web portal lets suppliers create PO acknowledgements, ASNs and other key documents 
  • Support for XML, CSV, and other flat-file formats make it easy to receive information from all your suppliers 
  • Fully managed onboarding makes it easy to get started with new suppliers, and diversify your supplier community

Automate Order Processing

Today’s retailers and consumers want their products faster than ever, making a seamless supply chain more important than ever. 

  • Integrated EDI brings orders directly into your ERP to jumpstart order processing 
  • Automatic data transmission eliminates delays and errors for speedier delivery and fewer returns 
  • ASN automation lets you meet customer mandates and provide visibility into product movements

Optimize Your Inventory

Electronics and high-tech products can spike in demand or become obsolete in a matter of days, making inventory management key to protecting your business. Vendor managed inventory helps you minimize excess while ensuring your retail partners have the right products on hand for customers. 

  • Increase sales and inventory turns while decreasing your inventory investment with powerful, store-level forecasting 
  • Quickly adapt to changing consumer demand to avoid stockouts or excess stock 
  • Manage popular products in short supply with available-to-promise and allocation features 
  • Get new products on shelves and increase your inventory control with scan-based trading support 

Create a More Agile Supply Chain

Between shifting market demand, increasing consumer expectations, and a complex global supply chain, your electronics manufacturing business needs to be able to adapt quickly.  

  • Automated EDI enables near-real-time visibility into your entire supply chain 
  • Cloud-based solution scales with ease to handle order spikes 
  • Powerful analytics empower you to continually improve order processing and fulfillment 

Find New Ways to Sell

Electronics and high-tech are constantly evolving, and so should your sales channels. TrueCommerce’s integrations make it easy to find customers wherever they shop. 

  • Connect with a global network of 120,000 trading partners, including suppliers, retailers, 3PLs, wholesalers, and distributors 
  • Drop ship your products easily thanks to a powerful shipping solution that helps you meet retailer and etailer mandates 
  • Sell directly to consumers through your own web storefront with our innovative B2B and B2C eCommerce platform 
  • List your products on top online marketplaces like Amazon, Newegg, Google shopping and more with marketplace integrations