Healthcare and Life Sciences Manufacturing


Scale Your Business with Unified Commerce Solutions for Healthcare Manufacturing

Today, healthcare and life sciences brands face more pressure than ever to deliver essential goods to healthcare institutions, retailers, and consumers. For patients in need, getting the right products quickly is crucial, be they pharmaceuticals, diagnostic products, or medical equipment. Doing so while balancing a complex, global supply chain is difficult, especially if your business still relies on data entry and other manual processes. 

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, your business needs to be able to respond rapidly to changes in the market, from supply chain disruptions to demand surges. TrueCommerce’s Foundry Platform helps your business become more agile and efficient by leveraging a unified commerce model that connects your supply chain from end-to-end. Leveraging the power of integration, our applications deliver the accurate, real-time data you need to make strategic business decisions, plus the automation you need to execute them quickly. From eCommerce, to EDI, to fulfillment, to replenishment, you’ll be able to manage your omnichannel operations from a single interface and do business in every direction. 

Streamline Order Processing

Tedious, repetitive data entry not only wastes time; it can also lead to typos that result in order and delivery errors.  

  • Integrated applications send data to, and receive data from your internal business systems, from your ERP to your WMS 
  • Compliant EDI makes it easy to trade crucial order documents with trading partners for a faster order-to-cash cycle
  • Digital commerce integration brings orders directly from your eCommerce channels to your ERP

Enter New Markets and Channels

Digitalization continues to drive the healthcare and life sciences industry. To stay competitive, your business needs to be able to leverage both traditional and digital channels. 

  • Marketplace integrations let you connect with dozens of top digital commerce sites like Amazon and 
  • Drop shipping support helps you connect with new buyers via your retail and etail relationships 

Get End-to-End Visibility

Global healthcare needs can shift rapidly. Without visibility into your operations, you can’t make the fast decisions you need to stay ahead. 

  • Automated data flows provide the most accurate, up-to-date information on product movements 
  • Vendor managed inventory uses shared data from retail partners to guide replenishment based on current demand 
  • Accurate data inputs and lot tracking increase transparency and traceability across products and orders 
  • A single user interface makes it easy to see and manage all your demand and supply channel activity

Scale Your Operations

Manual processes and disjointed supply chains make it nearly impossible to grow your business and can lead to bottlenecks and delays that tarnish your brand image. 

  • Cloud-based solutions easily scale to handle order increases, without slowing down order processing 
  • global network of more than 120,000 pre-connected suppliers, retailers, 3PLs, brokers, carriers, and more lets you quickly expand your trade relationships 
  • Customizable analytics dashboards help your operations managers find new areas for improvement, and measure success against KPIs 
  • Automation saves time, reduces operational costs, and lets your team focus on higher priority objectives, instead of data entry 

Secure Peace of Mind

  • At rest and in-transit data encryption and cybersecurity that meets SOC-2 compliance standards protects patient and trading partner information 
  • Full redundancy and complete disaster recovery protect your business from data losses 
  • 24/7 support availability from in-house experts in your time zone ensures your questions are quickly and correctly addressed 
  • Proactive communications monitoring alerts you to data issues quickly for swift resolution