Optimize Supply Chain Relationships Like Never Before

Having the right products in the right place at the right time is crucial to your brand’s success. But delivering that inventory promise is easier said than done. To deliver a competitive purchasing experience, supply chain partners need to work together in new ways.

Vendor managed inventory (VMI) offers management tools that enable trading partners to easily share inventory data, creating a demand-driven supply chain. Using VMI, you can expedite order forecasting, optimize shipments and improve in-stock rates, all while avoiding the bullwhip effect.

TrueCommerce’s VMI solution can support any replenishment model and scale to any number of locations. In-house implementation reduces setup time and costs for quicker ROI. At the same time, cloud-based vendor managed inventory software keeps ongoing costs predictable and affordable. Here’s why we’re trusted by more than 20,000 locations, managing over 25 million SKUs and $50 billion in sales.

How it Works

Vendor Managed Inventory works by allowing suppliers, distributors, and buyers to share real-time inventory data, such as product on hand, on order, and sold. The software solution digests this data, along with your unique stock level setting for each partner or location. It then produces recommended replenishment orders designed to decrease lead time and optimize on-shelf availability.

Benefits of VMI Solutions from TrueCommerce

By sharing inventory levels, VMI helps increase visibility and trust among suppliers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and 3PLs. In a study of 156 distribution locations using VMI software, participants saw results like these:

24% increase in sales
25% improvement in inventory turns
31% fewer stockouts
Federal-Mogul Motorparts Support Quote

Rapid VMI System Implementation

TrueCommerce VMI is a fully functioning inventory management system supported by an in-house implementation team. This makes it possible to ensure our customers can get up and running fast.

  • A proven, documented approach enables fast, efficient onboarding
  • Configurable application features let you tailor the VMI system to your business’s needs
  • In-house implementation support reduces your IT burden for simplified supply chain management
  • Ongoing support makes it easy to bring new trading partners into your VMI program
SOC2 Compliance

VMI Solution Security and Support

Guarding your data—and your customers’ data—is crucial to maintaining strong trade relationships. TrueCommerce’s VMI platform includes security and support to give you peace of mind.

  • SOC-2 compliant, Tier 3+ data centers with full redundancy
  • Service availability of over 99% uptime
  • At-rest data encryption, plus data retention and disaster recovery
  • Expert support and services from the TrueCommerce VMI Customer Care team

VMI Software Features

Advanced Demand Forecasting

Choose from three ways to process demand information and create accurate, flexible inventory forecasts:

  • External Demand Signals
  • Sales Profiler
  • Future Forecasting

Demand Forecasting Models
for the Future Using Retailer Data


Learn More

Automated Planner

Do more with less by automatically launching purchase orders based on real-time demand data.


Autonomous Planner


VMI Data Cubes

Aggregate inventory system data from replenishment orders and integrate it with PowerBI and other analytics platforms.


VMI Data Cubes



Item Stratification

Easily can create inventory stocking rules based on an item’s importance, profitability, or ordering requirements.



Available to Promise/Allocation

Optimize stock levels across locations without overselling to maximize performance even when product availability is low.




Automatically manage products that replace other items temporarily or permanently.




Truck Building

Increase your vehicle fill rate to lower your company’s carbon footprint, shipping costs, and total number of shipments.

Truck Building
Alternate Ship-From

Fulfill orders from a secondary location based on order sizes or special conditions.


Alternate Ship From


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