Enhance Your Online Customer Experience with Integration and Automation for Dynamics AX

Online is a dominant sales channel worldwide, driving more and more brands to launch online storefronts. But success online isn’t determined only by your products and pricing. To win the “buy box” and build brand loyalty with online buyers, you need to deliver a consistently positive, competitive customer experience.

Today’s online buyers expect you to ship their orders on-time and share up-to-date pricing and item availability on your web storefront. Performing these tasks by hand wastes time and introduces errors—sure ways to disenchant customers and hurt your brand.

TrueCommerce integrates Microsoft Dynamics AX with the most popular eCommerce storefronts, including TrueCommerce Nexternal, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. Automatically transferring order, customer and inventory information between Dynamics AX and your online store enables you to radically reduce errors and order lead times, eliminate all that manual effort and cut costs, too.

When satisfied online buyers become repeat customers and recommend your brand, you’ll experience more sales, more revenue and more profits from your online store.

TrueCommerce Storefront Integration

Connect with Online Stores

Automatically transmit order, customer and fulfillment bidirectionally between Dynamics AX and leading online stores:

Fully automate your processes with integration

Create Positive Customer Experiences

  • Transmit order and customer data straight into Dynamics AX as online orders are placed, to accelerate fulfillment
  • Easily sync pricing and inventory between Dynamics AX and your online store as needed
  • Inform buyers about order status with automatic updates from your online store
Microsoft Dynamics AX Online Storefront Integration | Create Loyal Customers

Create Loyal Customers

  • Automation improves order accuracy, which eliminates shipping errors and delays to keep buyers happy
  • When your online store displays correct inventory information, buyers don’t get unpleasant surprises from ordering items that are actually out-of-stock
  • Thanks to automated order updates you won’t need to field questions from disgruntled buyers


“Since going live with TrueCommerce EDI, we’ve already experienced a 75% reduction in EDI spend compared to the same period last year. If that trend continues our ROI will be very, very good.”

Travis Pierce
Leatherman Tool Group

Leverage New Channels

Increase sales and revenues with TrueCommerce integrations to these strategic channels:


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