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Replace a legacy online store with a user-friendly eCommerce platform, while eliminating operational inefficiencies to meet growing demand


Deploy the TrueCommerce eCommerce Platform to maximize online sales, while accelerating order processing for rapid growth


  • Consistent 125%+ growth year over year in online sales for past several years
  • Flexible, automated platform easily managed 1600% growth during three weeks of surging demand due to COVID-19, contributing to 600% growth in 2020 overall
  • Elimination of duplicate efforts in order processing
  • Exceptional, personalized support and easy access to resources
  • Effortless remote management with a “seamless” cloud-based platform

“With TrueCommerce, we’ve gone from being totally inefficient to being very efficient. It’s amazing. We’ve been growing 125-150% most years with online sales.”

Fred Wickham
Creative Consultant

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