Integrated EDI Embedded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV


A Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Integration Embedded within NAV


TrueCommerce EDI Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration lets you seamlessly format EDI transactions to comply with all your trading partners’ requirements. Delivered as a complete, managed services solution, TrueCommerce EDI for Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers comprehensive functionality and enterprise scalability. This NAV-embedded integration is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), a rigorous program ensuring that it meets Microsoft ‘s highest standards for Dynamics implementations.

Designed to eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes, the solution integrates sales, purchasing and warehouse documents. The embedded NAV user experience puts EDI in the hands of business users and reduces demands on IT-so you can do business in every direction and improve customer responsiveness without increasing staff. 

All key EDI components-NAV integration, data translation, a global trading partner network and managed services-come in one package from one trusted provider.

Comprehensive Support for EDI documents

  • Sales integration automates inbound sales orders, outbound invoices, outbound order acknowledgements and outbound ASNs processing-ending the need for retyping key data
  • ASN integration supports a wide range of auto pack, and pick and pack options; and can automatically create GS1/SSCC container numbers
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Unbeatable Automation

  • Purchasing integration automates the movement of outbound POs and inbound invoices between your suppliers and NAV, so you don ‘t have to manually match invoices to POs and/or receipts
  • Built-in validations ensure that all EDI documents are complete and accurate before transmitting them, which reduces delays, accelerates payments and eliminates costly chargebacks
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“One of our highest-volume vendors is EDI-capable, so to simplify the ordering process we wanted to transact business with them via EDI. I researched other offerings, but by far the most cost-effective and low-impact option was to go with TrueCommerce EDI.”

Automate Warehouse Communications

  • Integrates outbound warehouse shipping orders (EDI 940) and inbound warehouse shipping advices (EDI 945)
  • Easily create ASNs in Dynamics NAV, including package and pallet details-to automate the flow of shipping data from the 3PL to the customer
  • Configuration controls let you set preferences for automated processing; e.g., when to backorder or cancel an order, defining how to handle shortages, and more

Sustain Growth and Control Costs with a Highly Scalable EDI Solution

  • The TrueCommerce Trading Network offers limitless expansion of your trading partner network over one reliable and affordable connection
  • TrueCommerce EDI works with a wide range of NAV versions to suit your upgrade plans, from NAV 2009 through the current release
  • To keep EDI affordable as transaction volume grows, TrueCommerce does not charge for technical support or changes to trading partner maps
  • TrueCommerce can also integrate NAV with your marketplaces and storefronts

Leverage NAV Business Logic

  • TrueCommerce validates EDI documents using NAV ‘s business logic, so no EDI-specific customizations are required within NAV
  • The embedded EDI module extends rather than modifies NAV, eliminating upgrade and compatibility concerns
  • Use the NAV job scheduler to help automate EDI workflows