eCommerce Integration for QuickBooks Pro and Premier


Improve Customer Experience with Storefront Integration for QuickBooks Pro & Premier

eCommerce is poised to become the dominant sales channel worldwide, and more and more brands are selling online through web storefronts. But with this opportunity comes a challenge: it takes a compelling customer experience to thrive in the global online environment. Are your business processes efficient enough to keep pace with the best?

To provide an online experience that meets buyers’ expectations, brands must process a growing number of online orders in ever shorter timeframes while providing accurate inventory positions and pricing on their eCommerce storefronts. That requires integration and automation between online stores and QuickBooks.

TrueCommerce solves this challenge by offering direct integration between QuickBooks Pro and Premier and best-selling eCommerce platforms, including BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. Now you can automatically move order, inventory and customer data between QuickBooks and your eCommerce storefront-eliminating all that retyping and the added costs, potential mistakes and delays that go with it.

When you automatically process your online orders in QuickBooks, you ‘ll be able to improve customer experience, customer loyalty and enjoy stronger profits and sales from the online channel.

Integrate Your Web Store with QuickBooks

TrueCommerce currently provides direct integrations with these popular eCommerce platforms: 

“We liked how simple and streamlined the webstores looked; it was very easy for customers to use. That was really important to us. We wanted our customers to feel like the new system we were providing was effortless to use.”

Adrienne Kerrigan
Wholesale Marketing Coordinator
Caffe Ladro

Improve Service for Online Customers

  • Reduce order processing lead time by automatically sending order and customer data from your eCommerce store to QuickBooks as customers place orders 
  • Transmit order status and tracking data from QuickBooks to buyers automatically through the web store 
  • Smoothly sync pricing and inventory positions on your eCommerce store as frequently as required

Ensure Positive Buyer Experiences

  • Honor your online customer promise by keeping pricing and inventory data up-to-date on your storefront
  • Eliminate order processing errors to ensure prompt shipping
  • Keep buyers “in the know” about their order status so they don ‘t need to ask

“Not only can customers see what ‘s in their cart at all times, but also they can calculate their shipping costs, or see what deals might be going on through cart messaging. TrueCommerce’s eCommerce shopping cart has a lot of features that make it very attractive to users, which means less shopping cart abandonment and more people going through with their transactions.”

Peter Laing
Operations Manager
L. Mawby Winery 

More Integrations to Grow On

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