Sage Intacct Integrations


Connect Sage Intacct with EDI and Online Order Channels

To maximize sales in today ‘s environment, you need to do business in every direction-including reaching new customers through online storefronts and marketplaces. But as order volume increases, manually retyping data in and out of your Sage Intacct system increases order lead time, increases the risk of errors and negatively impacts customers. You need an automated approach to ensure efficiency, accuracy and scalable processes that can support growth.

For Sage Intacct users, TrueCommerce is the most complete way to integrate your business across the supply chain. Our TrueCommerce Trading Partner platform offers reliable, scalable integrations with all your most important sales channels:

Best in Class EDI Integration

  • Automate the exchange of sales order, remote warehouse and inventory documents – including advance ship notices (ASNs) – with your biggest trading partners
  • Cloud-based EDI integration for Sage Intacct hosted by TrueCommerce gives users anytime/anywhere, browser-based access, reduces IT costs and eliminates maintenance, update and backup concerns
  • Automated safeguards ensure completeness and accuracy of EDI documents to maximize data integrity, compress the order to cash cycle and decrease errors and chargebacks 
  • Unlimited, locally-based support plus free EDI software updates with no annual contracts and no maintenance fees

Supercharged Storefront Integration

  • Automatically transfer order, customer and inventory data between your Sage Intacct system and online storefronts built with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and others
  • Easily keep inventory positions in sync by integrating your online storefront(s) with Sage Intacct
  • Cut operating costs and improve the profitability and scalability of your eCommerce channel
  • Reduce order processing lead times to improve the online customer experience


Marvelous Marketplace Integration

  • Automatically move order, fulfillment and inventory data between Sage Intacct and over 100 leading online marketplaces from around the world
  • Integrate inbound orders, outbound fulfillments and outbound inventory transactions between your marketplaces and Sage Intacct
  • Say goodbye to marketplace-specific portals and hello to a unified marketplace integration for Sage


Drop Ship with Major Retailers

  • Easily onboard more drop ship programs in days, not months with comprehensive drop shipping solutions
  • Increase productivity without increasing manual effort with multi-customer shipping configurations  
  • Automate the transfer of data to your ERP for faster deliveries 
  • Comply with trading partner requirements, including rapid delivery windows, label requirements and more 

Sync Your ERP and Shipping Systems

  • Save time and money with automated processes like label printing and three-way ASN matching
  • Enter a network of more than 60 leading carriers including UPS, FedEx, DHL and more 
  • Improve shipment accuracy automatic verification of pack & address details 
  • Sync orders with your ERP to prevent data delays and retyping errors  

Effortlessly Convert Incoming Orders

  • Accept orders without making customers change their processes 
  • Reduce overall shipping costs by eliminating costly delays and errors 
  • Integrate data from emails, faxes and PDFs with your business system 
  • Expedite order fulfillment to ensure an exceptional customer experience