SAP ECC Integrations


Integrate New Order Channels with SAP ECC 

To thrive and grow in today ‘s omnichannel environment, brands need automation to help them process orders from multiple channels with greater efficiency and accuracy-even at high order volumes. Rekeying order data by hand adds significantly to order lead times, increases operating costs, and can damage your brand reputation and hurt sales as well.

TrueCommerce offers SAP ECC users the most complete way to integrate and connect their business across the supply chain. Leverage our innovative integrations to transfer data automatically between a range of order channels and SAP ECC:

Integrate SAP with EDI

  • Direct EDI integration with SAP ECC
  • This configurable, file-based integration is designed to meet your specific business requirements and add value to your SAP ECC investment
  • Increase transaction processing efficiency to strengthen trading partner relationships 
  • Reliable, scalable solution improves productivity and customer service levels without increasing staff
  • Compatible with SAP IDOC format for integration of key business documents
  • Includes ongoing EDI support and maintenance plus access to 92,000+ trading partner maps-all at no extra charge

Integrate SAP with Online Storefronts

  • Drive higher profits, reduced labor costs and a better online customer experience with storefront integrations for SAP ECC
  • Transmit order and customer information automatically between SAP ECC and popular eCommerce storefront platforms like Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify
  • Update inventory data automatically between your web store and SAP ECC


Integrate SAP with Online Marketplaces

  • Transfer order, fulfillment and inventory data effortlessly between online marketplaces and SAP ECC
  • Automate inbound order, outbound inventory and outbound fulfillment transactions with marketplaces 
  • No more jumping between different marketplace portals-you can work with them all using one marketplace integration platform

Drop Ship in Every Direction

  • Consolidate your drop shipping capabilities into one easy-to-manage portal  
  • Onboard new drop ship programs in days instead of weeks or months 
  • Automatically send order and fulfillment data to your business system for improved fulfillment timelines 
  • Set up and automate numerous shipping processes to meet trading partner requirements  

Multicarrier Shipping Solution

  • Slash fulfillment costs with dynamic rate shopping and automated processes 
  • Enable fast, accurate data flow to your ERP with an integrated shipping solution
  • Accurately ship orders with automated pack & address verification 
  • Keep customers “in the know” with automatic email updates about their orders 

Email and Fax Order Transformation

  • Save on time spent manually rekeying data from emails and faxes
  • Transmit emailed, faxed and printed order data directly into SAP ECC
  • Keep customers happy with rapid order processing and shipping
  • Accept orders from emails, PDFs, faxes and even printouts via EDI translation