Purchasing Groups provide buying and approval controls for B2B customers to self-manage purchases within their organization at a Merchant’s online store. The feature works by allowing Group Masters to create Purchasing Groups comprised of sub-customer Members.  The Group Master controls whether all orders placed by Group Members are paid by the Master, or paid by each Member individually. The Master also controls the approval role assigned to each Group Member, approves appropriate orders, has visibility to all of the orders placed by their Group Members, and has access to consolidated order reporting for each of their groups. 

Merchants who enable Purchasing Groups in their Nexternal online store give their customers complete control of the B2B purchasing and approval process.


  • Business customers can monitor and control their spending
  • Order notification and approval workflow reduces the B2B buying process friction when a business purchase approval is required 
  • Unique login for each customer within the group eliminates the need to share credentials and sacrifice security for efficiency
  • Roll-up group reporting allows Group Masters to collectively evaluate and track their groups’ purchase histories
  • Group members can add comments to approved or rejected orders for communication clarity 
Nexternal Purchasing Group Quote

Key Features

  • Group Masters can choose whether all orders placed by Group Members are paid by the Group Master, so no billing info is required when Group Members place orders, or whether Group Members pay as they order
  • Group Masters can set up multiple groups with different order approval rules and members
  • Group Masters can invite Group Members and control the approval status awarded to each
  • Group Masters can access consolidated Group order reports for easy insight into Group spending

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