EDI from the Experts in Shipping Logistics


EDI, or electronic data interface, is a trend in shipping logistics that can take your business from complicated and disorganized to streamlined and efficient. In the changing world of shipping and freight, it is important that your business have the logistics in place to manage your warehouse, shipments, financial matters, and all other aspects of the warehousing and distribution process.

Your business can operate more efficiently by using EDI. An electronic data interface can automatically generate and send invoices, payment articles, and shipment information without the need to manually input each piece of data. At TrueCommerce, we have flexible solutions that can help your business operate efficiently and with minimal implementation risks.

How Does EDI Work?

Electronic data interchange is the automation of data transfer based on set parameters for the purpose of processing goods, shipments, or for financial tasks such as invoicing and receivables. Instead of taking time to manually enter data with every shipment or invoice processed, the electronic data interface system automates the process based on parameters and information already stored in the system and set to your needed specifications.

For example, when shipping forty palettes of refrigerated perishables, scanning a single bar code will automatically generate the necessary shipping requirements for the warehouse team and send the necessary invoicing to the recipient. Since the entire process is accomplished by computer and is sent to, typically, another computer to process payment, transactions become streamlined and efficient rather than relying on individual data entry, mailings, and phone calls. This electronic data interface process allows for more streamlined communication and better allocation of employee resources.

Modular and Flexible Implementation

We focus on flexible and professional setup options that allow you to choose the tasks and tools you need without forcing you into components that are extraneous or that you are not ready to implement.

Let us assess your needs and help you choose the right set up path for you without you needing to be the software expert. Target areas of high need and expand offerings later as your business grows, and trust that TrueCommerce offers solutions that will keep you on the cutting edge of data-driven distribution – at a pace that suits your growth model and plans. With TrueCommerce, whether you are looking for an eCommerce platform, order management, e-invoicing or EDI solutions, we have the answers you need.