EDI for Small and Midsized Companies


Today, not only is information one of the most valuable assets of any business, its value is multiplied when strategically shared within and between companies.

The need for greater speed and flexibility has led to an overhaul in the way documents are used. Instead of sending documents to trading partners, EDI is now used to transmit information and data about transactions.

Consider this example: EDI-enhanced relationships between trading partners have largely replaced purchase orders with production schedules and inventory balances. Purchase-order data can be placed automatically based on predetermined inventory levels. Many companies now make their inventory levels or production schedules available to their suppliers via EDI. This allows the supplier to adjust its production schedules to respond quickly to customer needs. With bar coding and point-of-sale data collection, replenishment of retail inventory and shipment of finished goods can be triggered by information collected by the cash register.

With our Trading Partner Platform, small to midsized businesses remain competitive by avoiding traditional EDI barriers. Contact an EDI specialist today and find out how TrueCommerce can help your business overcome the complexity of EDI with web-based solutions that fit your needs.