QuickBooks Online EDI Integration

Intuit QuickBooks Online EDI Integration

Enjoy EDI in the cloud for QuickBooks Online from the most accredited EDI provider in North America.

EDI in the Cloud for QuickBooks Online – EDI Integration – Business System Plug-In™

TrueCommerce EDI solutions makes it easy and affordable to seamlessly format your transactions to comply with your customers’ EDI requirements. Our end-to-end solution includes everything you need to streamline and automate document processes such as sales and purchase orders, as well as manage order communications with your warehouse.

QuickBooks Users Enjoy a Robust, Affordable, Easy-to-Use Solution

Your business documents are quickly and easily converted into a human-readable format with Transaction Manager™, a web-based EDI translator on our Trading Partner Platform that is integrated with your QuickBooks Online accounting solution. Our intuitive interface, low total cost of ownership and flexible configuration options help you minimize manual data entry, which maximizes business efficiency to build customer satisfaction.

QuickBooks Online users can conduct business entirely “in the cloud” as a part of our managed service EDI solution. As an option you can add web-based TrueCommerce EDI Labeling™. This makes it easy to meet your customer’s UCC-128/GS1-128 labeling requirements, enabling the recipient to quickly identify, route and track your shipment.

Customer Success Integrating EDI with QuickBooks

Florida-based Schoenhut Piano Company needed to implement a robust and flexible EDI solution that could integrate with its existing fulfillment processes.

With TrueCommerce’s Shipping Module, Schoenhut is able to drop-ship on behalf of resellers in the U.S. and internationally. Even at maximum volumes of 1,000 orders or more, updating and managing advance ship notices (ASNs) has decreased from 12 person-hours to a maximum of two person-hours per day.

“As our requirements have expanded, TrueCommerce has been there with the necessary features,” said Schoenhut EDI Manager Jessica Wright. “Serving the world’s largest retailers is as easy for us as working with a small customer.”

Trusted, Award-Winning Integration

TrueCommerce, the most accredited EDI provider in North America, has provided dynamic EDI solutions to thousands of customers since 1995. We are recognized for technology innovations and solutions that are robust, flexible, and easy to use.

  • TrueCommerce EDI Solutions has been a trusted partner in the Intuit QuickBooks community for more than fifteen years.
  • The Sleeter Group’s prestigious Awesome QuickBooks Add-on Award winner
  • Positive reviews from customers demonstrate our commitment to their success

Sales and Purchase Order Integration Simplifies Processes

Our EDI integration solution reduces time spent manually generating documents. Think about how automating multiple processes will streamline your business:

  • Create sales orders and invoices from inbound purchase orders (850)
  • Send outbound invoices (810) quickly and easily
  • Integrate credit memos, adding value by automatically reconciling your invoices paid within QuickBooks

Built-in Process Controls Prevent Transaction Errors

Built-in process controls ensure that customer-required data is entered correctly and will send you notifications, alerting you of invalid fields prior to sending outbound transactions.

Transaction Manager automatically verifies that items on incoming orders, such as unit price, are matched to your QuickBooks data. For sales orders created within QuickBooks, both the customer ID and item number fields are validated. Automated safeguards help to eliminate charge-backs from customers and reduce order turnaround time. Transaction Manager ensures that all EDI documents sent to your customers are complete.

Cost Effective and Scalable Solution Supports Your Business Growth

Our EDI solution is cost effective and scalable for your growing business. If you switch or update your ERP or accounting package, Transaction Manager continues to meet your customers’ EDI requirements. Our Business System Plug-In™ keeps the rest of your EDI solution intact while you quickly swap out your business system for an alternative accounting solution. Discover more about our Business System Plug-Ins.

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TrueCommerce simplifies EDI integrated with QuickBooks for KT Tape and supports them in the accelerated growth of their business.



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