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Embracing the Cloud for Supply Chains

May 25, 2023 -
More companies are recognizing the benefits of automation, supply chain visibility, and streamlined communication and are implementing the cloud to gain the operational efficiency they need. According to a study of global cloud usage among businesses...

Just-In-Time vs. Just-In-Case

May 19, 2023 -
An emphasis on supply chain cost-efficiency led many companies to use the just-in-time inventory management method for years. While just-in-time inventory can significantly reduce costs, the COVID-19 pandemic illuminated several weaknesses of this...

3 Things Sage ERP Users Should Look for in EDI

May 16, 2023 -
In business, some things just go together. ERP and EDI solutions are two of those things. Both add value independently, but together they offer companies unparalleled efficiency and connectivity. Organizations utilizing Sage will likely understand...

How Recessions Create a Bullwhip Effect

May 12, 2023 -
Any action by a player in the supply chain has a ripple effect, whether they're a supplier, distributor, customer, or manufacturer. The supply chain bullwhip effect is one example of such a reaction. The bullwhip effect results from each party along...

6 Ways the Cloud Benefits the Supply Chain

May 4, 2023 -
Businesses are migrating their supply chain processes to the cloud at an increasingly higher rate. Spending on cloud infrastructure experienced 24.7% year-over-year growth in the third quarter of 2022, skyrocketing to $23.9 billion. The sharp...