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Top 3 Factors Impacting the Automotive Supply Chain

David Eyes
November 9, 2022 -
The automotive supply chain is in a state of adjustment. In the past few years, the industry has faced a series of disruptions that have no clear end, causing a ripple effect on OEMs, suppliers, consumers, and the broader market alike. As automotive...

Tips for Digital Integration in the Automotive Supply Chain

Brian Jolley
November 4, 2022 -
The global automotive supply chain continues to shift rapidly, with recent events introducing new challenges that OEMs, suppliers, and manufacturers are looking to overcome. Electrification, user experience, governance, and industry manufacturing...

10 Supply Chain Roadblocks That Could Derail Modern Retail

Peter Edlund
October 26, 2022 -
Until the 1920s, most people shopped at the local corner store or small-town square. Then came chain and department stores with larger quantities and selections of goods, encouraging shoppers to view a trip to the store as an experience. The first...

Understanding Today's Supply Chain Logistics

Ivy Davis
October 18, 2022 -
Between shipping delays, price hikes, and various goods shortages over the past few years, consumers have discovered that “supply chain” is more than just a buzzword. It’s the unsung hero of American business. Logistics professionals are responsible...

The Retail Technology You Need for Future Success

Peter Edlund
October 12, 2022 -
Investments in omnichannel retail have been developing for years, with more companies looking to expand the technology they use to broaden their eCommerce activities. In fact, according to, 53% of brands are investing in tools to allow...