Pet Supplies Wholesale and Distribution

Australian Shepard Mix

As a wholesaler for the pet industry, your business lies at a crucial intersection between brands and retailers. To manage the needs of both your vendors and your customers, you need the highest level of supply chain visibility and agility. But the increasing complexity of distributor supply chains, and a continued reliance on manual processes can make achieving accuracy and efficiency difficult. If your business has been held back by process bottlenecks, “black box” supply chain solutions, and data errors, the time to embrace new technology is now. 

TrueCommerce’s innovative Foundry Platform is purpose-built with your needs in mind. We understand the intricacies of wholesaler and distributor business models, and our solutions are designed to help simplify your supply chain while providing visibility from end to end. With applications for supplier management, collaborative replenishment, B2B eCommerce, shipping, and more, you’ll be able to build strong trade relationships, while reducing stress on your internal resources. As you grow, your business will be supported by a scalable, cloud-based architecture and a team of in-house experts, so you can truly do business in every direction.

Top-Dog Supply Chain Connectivity

Wholesale and distribution supply chains are large, complex, and global. TrueCommerce’s integrated solutions make it easy to connect your channels, partners, vendors, and customers. 

  • Seamlessly move data throughout your supply chain with integrations for 25+ top ERP systems
  • Streamline your operations by automating communications with your warehouses, 3PL partners, and DCs. 
  • Join a commerce network with more than 120,000 pre-connected retailers, suppliers, 3PLs, brokers, carriers and more 

Accelerate Order Processing

Manual processes keep your supply chain moving at a snail’s pace. By integrating your omnichannel efforts, TrueCommerce lets you process orders quickly and accurately. 

  • Integrated EDI automatically transmits data between your demand channels and internal systems to eliminate errors and delays 
  • Proactive monitoring alerts you to order data issues before they reach your customers 
  • Flexible, scalable architecture ensures your business can handle rapid volume spikes, as well as sustained growth 
  • Near-real-time data offers unparalleled visibility into product movements 

Wrangle Your Inventory

Your wholesale business moves thousands of products every day, ranging from pet food to leashes to toys. Advanced vendor managed inventory technology gives you the tools you need to strengthen retail relationships. 

  • VMI solution receives data directly from retailers, and creates recommendations for replenishment orders 
  • Automated monitoring measures inventory activity against your goals for turns, fill rates, and more 
  • Better inventory management reduces inventory investments while maximizing profits for you and your retail partners 
  • Advanced tools like item stratification, allocation, and scan-based trading support offer more ways to optimize your inventory 

Best-in-Show Supplier Enablement

Managing dozens or hundreds of manufacturers with different communication methods can feel like a wild goose chase. With TrueCommerce’s Supplier Enablement platform, you can save time, while empowering your supplier community. 

  • Integrated EDI automates communications with EDI-enabled suppliers
  • An EDI web portal lets non-EDI vendors create purchase order acknowledgements, ASNs, and more 
  • Translation of PDF, XML, CSV, and other file formats enable suppliers to collaborate their way 
  • Fully managed onboarding streamlines the start of new supplier relationships 

Fetch More B2B Online Sales

B2B eCommerce store offers another way to easily trade with retailers. With powerful B2B tools and a B2C-like experience, you’ll be able to grow your online presence and increase your sales. 

  • Create a personalized experience for retailers with customer segmentation, type- and volume-based pricing, special promotions, and more 
  • Let retailers manage their team purchases and permissions with B2B purchasing groups 
  • Manage customer relationships with eCommerce activity data and turnkey integration  
  • Provide accurate inventory availability to online customers with real-time inventory decrementing