Integrate Sage with Marketplaces, Storefronts and EDI—Only with TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce is the most complete way to connect your business across the supply chain. Our Integration Gateway for Sage products is the only integration that connects your Sage business system not only with your EDI customers, suppliers and 3PLs, but also your online marketplaces and eCommerce storefront(s). Our Sage integrations for Sage support inbound XML or CSV files and can convert PDF documents to integrate them with your Sage system. 

Using the TrueCommerce Integration Gateway replaces multiple integrations from disparate vendors and saves you the associated cost and resources. We also enable Sage users to improve business performance and reduce manual effort in all your major order channels—so you can do business in every direction.

Connect Sage with EDI

Integrating Sage with EDI reduces manual effort, increases productivity and streamlines critical business processes. Our modular “plug-in” architecture allows you to change your Sage system without changing the rest of your EDI environment. TrueCommerce offers complete, end-to-end EDI solutions that integrate with these Sage business systems:

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We use the TrueCommerce Transaction Manager software to receive EDI orders from trading partners, validate that they are complete and correct, and then export the data into our Sage 500 ERP system. Most of our larger customers generate EDI orders, so manual orders aren’t an option. As a business trying to keep up in the industry, integrated EDI is just something you need to do.

Ann Harper
Customer Service Manager
King’s Hawaiian

Accelerate eCommerce Orders

TrueCommerce lets you automatically move order data between Sage and your eCommerce storefront(s) built on top-selling platforms.

  • Sage eCommerce integration supports Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce 
  • Automatically send order and customer data to Sage from your storefront, send fulfillment and tracking data to customers via the storefront, and sync inventory between storefront and Sage—all without re-entering data!
  • Reduce order processing time and associated labor costs to immediately enhance service levels, boost profitability and scale your processes to handle more online orders

Customer Success Stories

SlimFast & HNS Global

HNS Global Leverages TrueCommerce EDI for Sage X3 to Streamline a Major Acquisition Scenario and Automate Remote Warehouse Order Fulfillment

Cottage Gardens

TrueCommerce's EDI solution for Sage 100 enabled Cottage Gardens to increase efficiency and cut costs.

Sage 100 — CIPA USA

TrueCommerce's EDI solution for Sage 100 enabled CIPA USA to divert time previously spent manually entering data into growing the business.

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Streamline Marketplace Orders

  • Automatically sync time-sensitive information via marketplace integrations for Sage
  • Integrates inbound marketplace orders and outbound inventory and fulfillment transactions from Sage
  • Generate new customers automatically in Sage from inbound marketplace orders
  • Manage all your marketplaces in one place; no more jumping from portal to portal

Take Drop Shipping to the Next Level 

  • Utilize a comprehensive set of drop ship integrations to meet with trading partner needs, from accelerated delivery timeframes to packing slip and label requirements  
  • Onboard new dro pship programs with ease as you grow 
  • Choose from over 250 active drop ship programs with trading partners such as Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and more 
  • Take advantage of aggregated data and analytics to improve on KPIs and improve your vendor scorecards 
Reduce administration with 100% electronic trading with your suppliers

Automatically Process Orders

  • Transform emails and faxes into EDI and deliver the data directly to your ERP 
  • Keep your customer delivery promise by expediting your order processing 
  • Reduce errors from manual rekeying and eliminate costly chargebacks 
  • Enable employees to focus on high-value projects by reducing time spent rekeying 

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