What is Unique about the TrueCommerce Integrations for Sage Products?

The TrueCommerce Integration Gateway for Sage products is the only integration that connects you with not only your EDI customers and suppliers, but also your marketplaces and storefronts. The TrueCommerce integration for Sage also supports inbound XML or CSV files and can convert PDF documents to integrate them with your Sage system. Using the TrueCommerce Integration Gateway replaces multiple integrations from multiple providers and saves you the cost and resources associated with those other solutions—enabling you to do business in every direction!

Connect Sage with EDI

TrueCommerce offers complete, end-to-end EDI solutions that integrate with these Sage business systems:

Fully automate your processes with integration

Key Benefits of Integrating Sage with TrueCommerce

Our modular “plug-in” architecture allows you to change your Sage system without changing the rest of your EDI environment.

  • Includes access to more than 92,000 Trading Partner Maps that are automatically updated free of charge.
  • Reduces or eliminates manual entry, diminishing costly charge-backs.
  • Increases productivity without increasing staff.
  • Reduces your total cost of ownership by 30% to 50%.
  • Enables you to change or upgrade business systems or accounting software without disrupting your whole EDI solution.

Customer Success Stories

SlimFast & HNS Global

HNS Global Leverages TrueCommerce EDI for Sage X3 to Streamline a Major Acquisition Scenario and Automate Remote Warehouse Order Fulfillment

King's Hawaiian

King’s Hawaiian Relies on TrueCommerce EDI and the Nexternal eCommerce Platform to Deliver Aloha Spirit to Its B2B and B2C Customers Nationwide

Susquehanna Glass

Susquehanna Glass Transforms Supply Chain Processes to Do Business in Every Direction with TrueCommerce Foundry – Bringing EDI, eCommerce, and Fulfillment Solutions Together in One System

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Business System Integrations

Business System Plug-Ins

Through our Business System Plug-Ins™, Transaction Manager integrates with virtually any accounting or business system. Our Business Systems Plug-In maps your EDI transactions so they seamlessly transfer to and from your accounting or business system. You will have one specific plug-in for whatever business system you are operating. If you replace your business system, we will simply swap out your plug-in and the rest of your EDI solution remains intact!


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