TrueCommerce Announces Foundry Platform 2.0 Release

July 20, 2020 -
TrueCommerce announced TrueCommerce Foundry Platform 2.0 – the latest version of its cloud-based infrastructure and product development solution. The upgraded offering allows organizations to make the most of their digital transformation strategies to build versatile, effective unified commerce hubs that empower them to do business in every direction.

TrueCommerce Announces Pack & Ship 4.1 Version

May 21, 2020 -
TrueCommerce announced Pack & Ship 4.1 – an upgraded web-based solution that offers multi-channel merchants the ‘ship any way you want’ capability to meet the challenges of the fluid economic environment. An extension of TrueCommerce Foundry platform, it allows suppliers and retailers to cartonize and pack more accurately, find the lowest shipping rates and analyze fulfillment processes in real time.

TrueCommerce Announces Enhancements for its Magento eCommerce Integration

December 12, 2019 -
TrueCommerce announced new upgrades for its popular integration with Adobe (Magento), the leading ecommerce platform for brands of all sizes that support B2B, B2C and B2E use cases. The new features of the cloud-based offering allows organizations to manage orders on one platform that seamlessly connects TrueCommerce’s unified commerce offering with Magento and a wide range of business systems.