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Today’s Consumer Packaged Goods companies face more challenges than ever, from a highly competitive market saturated with thousands of brands, to changing consumer demands, to the rapid expansion of eCommerce sales. To stay competitive, manufacturers and wholesalers need to leverage digital technology to accelerate their supply chain processes, while strengthening retail relationships and providing a great shopping experience for consumers. 

TrueCommerce’s CPG software integrates directly with dozens of ERP systems to create a more visible, more connected supply chain. By combining powerful automation with best-in-class forecasting and analytics programs, the TrueCommerce Foundry platform makes it easy to increase on-shelf availability, lower operational costs, and provide the transparency both retailers and consumers desire. With more than 160,000+ pre-connected suppliers, retailers and 3PLs and an agile, cloud-based architecture, you can expand your business in every direction. 

Expand Connectivity

Automate the exchange of documents with grocery retailers, suppliers, and 3PLs for greater speed, increased accuracy, and compliant transactions. 

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Leverage best-of-breed integrations to eliminate delays and errors, optimize replenishment, manage your operational costs, and sell more products in more places.  

Get Expert Support

Grow your business with support from our team of supply chain specialists. Fully managed services offer 24/7 support availability, proactive monitoring, data security, and more. 


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TrueCommerce CPG Software for Supply Chain Operations 


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Exchange key documents like Purchase Orders, ASNs and Invoices with top retailers like Walmart, Kroger, Target, Amazon, and more. Collaborate with suppliers, returnable pallet partners and 3PLs for a more resilient supply chain. The fully managed service model makes it easy to stay compliant with retailer mandates.  

Pack & Ship

CGP buyers value convenience and speed to keep end-customers happy. TrueCommerce Pack & Ship eliminates the need for manual processes that slow down delivery. While automated pack verification and address verification increase delivery accuracy, batch order processing and automated shipping rules help you meet tight delivery timeframes. 

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Stock-outs make it easy for your customers to switch to competitor brands. VMI software for CPG suppliers, wholesalers and distributors lets you take control of your inventory to improve on-shelf availability, increase sales, and stay agile during market demand swings. VMI supports multiple routes to market, including direct-to-store and cross-docking. 

Drop Shipping

Offer more to your retail partners as a drop ship supplier. CPG software for drop shipping helps your business trade with existing customers, and onboard new trading partners in just days. With support for drop shipping labels and pick lists, order tracking and configurable shipping process, you’ll be every retailer's favorite vendor. 

Scan-Based Trading

Take inventory control one step further with SBT. Scan-based trading software lets CPG suppliers assess demand at the store level from real-time POS data, and provides replenishment recommendations to optimize sales. SBT is a great way to encourage retail partners to carry new products, while strengthening your relationships through mutual sales increases! 

Supplier Enablement

CPG wholesalers and distributors work with hundreds of suppliers. CPG software for supplier enablement empowers you to automate communications with all your suppliers, regardless of their size or technological ability. With a web-EDI portal, PDF-to-EDI integration and more, you can enjoy a smoother supply chain from end to end. 

Marketplace Integrations

Take advantage of growing digital sales by selling on Amazon,, eBay and 100+ other online marketplaces with ease. The TrueCommerce platform lets you manage listings in multiple marketplaces from one, central integration gateway for brand consistency, wherever you sell. 

eCommerce Platform

Expand your digital footprint with a branded storefront that caters to B2B and B2C buyers. An always-on-screen cart makes it easy for buyers to see their purchases, while social sharing and review options encourage brand loyalty. The platform connects to your ERP system and fulfillment solutions to help you ship faster and keep your customer delivery promise. 

Product Information Management

For CPG companies, a great first impression is key to repeat purchases. TrueCommerce Product Manager lets you provide rich, accurate, and consistent product content wherever your customers shop, reducing returns while increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 


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